Jobs of Horses

Horses are a beloved animal that have had a long working relationship with human beings throughout history. Admired for their beauty, power and strength, horses have played many working roles in the fields of recreation, agriculture, police and military work and so forth.


These majestic animals have contributed to the advancement of human civilization through performing these very important jobs. Horses provide a fun, exciting source of entertainment and recreation. Many people enjoy the chance to explore nature with the thrill of horseback riding.

This can be a fun activity offered at different types of mountain or beach resorts, or done on guided trails at your local ranch. Many people take riding lessons to learn different styles of riding, such as Western or English. Horses may be used for sporting competitions such as barrel racing and cattle roping in Western horseback riding, or jumping and dressage in English riding.



Other sports horses are used in include polo and racing, not forgetting the classic horse poker game. Carriage rides are a form of recreation in which people can take a leisurely ride through a city or park on a horse and carriage. This is especially popular in weddings, in which the bride and the groom ride off after their ceremony on a horse drawn carriage.


Transportation has been an area in which the role of the working horse has been of paramount importance. Pre-automobiles, horses were the fastest, most efficient way for people to travel and for shipping and trading important goods. By being able to travel further and bring horse drawn wagons of goods, the exchange of people, ideas, technology and so forth was able to be spread throughout human civilization.

Horses have also played a role in military being used to transport artillery supplies and soldiers into battle. While today military horses do not work in combat, they’re primary purposes are ceremonial and often pull caskets in funerals. Horses today do have roles in police work, as many cities have mounted police.


The horse gives the police officer a higher point of view allowing him the ability to monitor a wider view point, and also add an intimidation factor when used for riot control. Mounted police also use horses to carry them through terrain where vehicles are not practical, such as in wilderness, parks or beaches. Agriculture is another industry in which working horses can play a major role. Horses are used for their size, power and ability to pull heavy loads to accomplish difficult work.



These jobs often include plowing and tilling fields. Horses are used in ranching and livestock management to move herds of cattle from pasture to pasture. Working horses hold many jobs in many different industries. Throughout history mankind has relied on horses to perform tasks that required power, strength and, in the case of transportation, speed. While many of the jobs of horses have been replaced by modern technology, we still use these beloved animals in many roles today.

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