Caring for a horse is a big responsibility, but its daily maintenance can be broken down into a few simple tips and tasks that help to make it easier. There are five main tasks that must be performed every day in order to properly care for a horse. However, before undertaking the care of a horse, you need to make sure the following are provided: -A fenced-in area in which the horse can run and roam safely.

This area, known as a pasture, should be checked thoroughly for any poisonous plants or trash before allowing the horse to run in it, The pasture should also be checked every week to make sure no hazardous plants have appeared. One acre of pasturage for each horse is generally considered a sufficient enough space in which to exercise. -Some kind of shelter to protect the horse from the elements.

Most of the time, this is a stable: a three-sided wooden enclosure in which the horse can stand safely away from the rain, wind or snow.

The following are the five tasks that must be performed daily for proper horse care:

1) Feeding. It is best for a horse to eat a diet that consists primarily of fresh grass and hay. Make sure this food is available to the horse at all times, so it can graze at its own pace.

Horses usually eat two or more small meals per day.

2) Watering: Make sure the horse has access to a supply of clean, fresh water at all times. This can be from a bucket or trough. If you do water your horse using a bucket, it needs to be refilled at least twice a day.


3) Cleaning the horse’s stall. This includes removing any soiled or wet bedding and replacing it with fresh bedding. Sweep the floor and clean it with a mild, non-toxic disinfectant. Horse must be provided with soft bedding at all times because it is not good for them to stand on a hard surface all day.


4) Observing your horse for any signs of illness, as well as picking their hooves, in case anything sharp or bothersome has become lodged in them. Daily grooming and inspection of your horse such as this can help to avoid major issues both physically and health-wise.


5) Exercise (also known as “turn out”) the horse for at least 30 minutes. Horse are large, powerful animals that need a lot of exercise every day. Making sure your horse has a proper area in which to live and roam and performing these five daily care tasks will ensure your horse is happy and healthy.


 In addition, make sure to interact with your horse and show it signs of affection throughout the day, such as petting it or giving it a treat. This helps to promote a good relationship between owner and horse, and helps the horse to trust you so it is easier to wrangle for riding or pulling a carriage for a wedding.